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Encina Class of 1968

The 45 year reunion was held on Saturday, October 12, 2013

The 50 year reunion will be held in October, 2018

Pre-Reunion Get Together

The committee hosted a Pre-Reunion get together, Friday, October 11 6-8 pm,
at Bella Bru, 5038 Fair Oaks Blvd. Carmichael, CA.
The gathering was, in your reporter's humble opinion, a great success.
Old friendships were renewed and new friendships started.
Thanks go to:
Lewis Chapman for providing musical ambience,
and to the committee for the finger foods and wine.

The Reunion event was a smash hit.

The reunion was another example of what a fun event this committee does.

As usual, the Dante Club provided a really nice banquet.

The DJ not only played music of the era and at a level that still allowed conversation.
As a bonus, he also has a very nice voice and added his own touch to the classics.

There are a few Memory Books left from this event.

They have been professionally prepared by the photography studio who covered our event
and include pictures from the evening before and the main event itself.
They can be ordered for a cost of $25 each sent to Jeff Stoddart at the contact address listed below.


Telephone: (916) 971-0393
Email: Committee@encina1968reunion.com
Snail Mail: Jeff Stoddart 3938 Pounds Ave. Sacramento, CA 95821

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Send Your Information Updates using the link below so we do not lose track of you.
The 50 year reunion should be a biggie and we would hate for you to miss it.

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