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Encina Class of 1968

Your 50-Year reunion Committee has been hard at work planning this festive occasion! Here is the progress so far:

The 50 year reunion for the Encina Class of 1968 is fast approaching!

Please use this form to submit updates to your contact information to the reunion committee.

First Name and School Name are required so we know with whom we are communicating. All other fields are optional.

Any data that you enter will be entered into the database. If you wish us to delete information from a field presently in the database, place the word "delete" in that field.

Press the "Send Changes" button to send your new information to the committee who will apply updates to the database. At present this process is manual and some of us on the committee must work day jobs so it may take some time.

If you include an email address, the website will automatically send you a confirmation email. Please be sure you give us an active eddress so you are assured of receiving this notification.

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